Travels , connections and friendships

Let me journal our travels ..

This journey started back in Dec 2018 when a couple of my highschool batchmates came to Belgium and have a small meet up. Some of them I have already met a couple of years prior to this gathering while the others …. its was ages that we have seen each other and one in particular reaaaaally don’t know me . πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ ooh the good side of it is that she is now one of my good friends .. ( love you Viv 😘)

A gathering that I thought would only be a one time affair. As a private awkward person as I am. I have gathered all my social skills for heaven knows I am quite uncomfortable in these kinds of gatherings. One of the many reasons that I seldom attended a reunion.

To my surprise it turned out to be a very fun tapok . There was no moment dullness nor have I felt uncomfortable . So , at the end of this reunion we have agreed to try to do it yearly ..

2018 the start of more travel stories to be shared . Belgium , The Netherlands and Germany Dec 2018

Copenhagen here we come

2019 same month but with a much larger group. Three old aquintances joined the 2019 tapok .

Seeing Noel, Ralla , Jadine for the first time after all these years made me a bit of emotional . Getting to know the lovely personas of Roselyn , Bong and Reymund adds another shade of color to this gathering . Unfortunately some of us were not able to join Copenhagen but we have tried to connect through video chat .

Hugs , bit of tears of joy makes the streets of copenhagen bit warmer and louder .

I believe that Bong and Reymund were not as comfortble at the start of the tapok but at the end of the week both have become the Prince of this tapok .

We have explored the food markets, trivoli , christmas markets and of course visited the little mermaid of Copenhagen . While we ate chinese food at Malmo , Sweden πŸ™‚

Like the in 2018 , there was no dull moment only memories were made and the friendship that has been build back then have become stronger . We can’t get enough , we have then planned the next travel gathering for 2020 ..

We always see to it that we will have a dramatic ,iconic group picture, Copenhagen and Sweden , Dec 2019

It should have been Bilbao

High from the Copenhagen get together we then planned for our next trip . 2020, we would explore the home of the golden beaches , Guggenheim museaum and delicious pintxos ( local tapas) . Yes! We were planning to explore Bilbao with a side trip to the culinary world capital of Donastia or San Sebastien .

Planning was on going until the unforseen circumstances came … COVID 19 rule the world and taught us to plan day by day .

We hang on and hope it would be over before our actual trip . By late September gave in to reality 2020 will be not our year to have a get together ..

We would wait up for this pandemic to passed and the world to reopen …

While waiting up for the world to re open we did what we could to keep in touch .
And of course our traditional dramatic picture whether we are on exploring or just simply stating a statement , Pandemic 2020

Taking our chances, Making memories in Santorini Greece

Santorini trip was so far one of the most personal get together that I have experienced . It was very intimate . We have lived in one house and did everything as one group for we must create one social bubble as one of the safety measures that we have observed during the 6 days gathering . We even share one shampoo 🀣🀣🀣

Only those who were ready to travel joined this gathering .. it was a very small group .It was here that I have developed a much more deeper fondness of both Jen and Ralla .

I love the Sim’s morning news ( covid 19 related ) updates , Viv’s coffee and who would ever forget the night that Liv prepares for Sim’s surprise party ( pre 50 party). The respect that we have for each others personal space and stories was admirable . I just know that I love cooking for these people for cooking is my way of expressing my love for someone.

Happy faces , happy hearts … Santorini Greece 2021 was more than magical thanks to these amazing people .

Mini get togethers

Because we simply love the friendship that we have build . Each opportunity given to us we will always try to make the best of it ..

From Rotterdam shoppings spree , Ju’s grand fab 50 bash and Irelands st.Patty we bond we document and keep it in our hearts.

Making every moment memorable … Rotterdam , Belgium and Ireland 2022

Where to next …

Keeping our fingers cross, end of this year we will be exploring the land of fire and Ice …One of the homes of Aurora Borealis and the legendary Blue lagoon . Yes Iceland ! And we are ready for it … We would be embracing the new one’s that would join us . This will be on on the 25th of November till the 1st of December ..

End note

Here is what I know, in every place that we will be exploring , it will always be magical because of the connection that we build . To more intimate breakfast and dinner talks .. to the laughs that we will share … let us make memories together .


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