We start here

I murmur through my thoughts

Whisper through the winds

My heart felt the rush of joy , of excitement as I would embark a journey within me .

Searching the deepest voice of my soul . Unfolding the face of my heart .

Here I write ,I express my vulnerability ..

Join me as we wonder through my mind



Bright light shimmer on me .. Dimmer not ,flicker not

Bright light walk with me . Warm my soul , hold me tight

I am hurt , I am wounded

Horizon of hope .. let go , let it flow

Bright light clear my eyes , warm my heart .

With you in me, my light will soon exuberate … I look inside me … wipe my tears mend my wounds , learn and accept my lessons .

I will learn , I will humble down .. bow my head , close my eyes … take a breath .. consume me , heal me

Find myself .. center my thoughts .. breath in breath out

My light spark on me let me shine , let me smile …

My light will soon let me fly.


Letting go

We turned into circles

Fought to hang on … denies to accept that it is time to move on .

For years I hold you close in my heart , for years I try to understand and fit in the box .

You are good but we can not stick together . My heart bleeds but I have to choose myself , my peace , my wholeness

I loved you with my all … that is why I am setting you and myself free from this circle of confusion .

A kiss to rain … a hope to sunrise .

Love never dies , Love doesn’t hold on ..it let go of things that are not mean to be .

Sunset , sunrise .. love hurts love heals one day someday


We met people in different kinds  of circumstances . Some of them stays for awhile  and teaches us lessons  while some  stays a little bit longer  and become our friend , while others are just gift  from the universe for they are the ones we called SOULMATE

We walk in a path of  lessons  , of light that sparkle in a different directions.

  We met souls  with beautiful colors that sometimes  blends with us while other times  clashes that with the luminous   light that we are projecting .

  At times  we stumble a color  so unique  that our hearts are drawn to embrace the  keleidoscope  of its  shades . We love them with our hearts and trust them with ourlives .

Some of them treasure us like gold while others hold on to us like treasures ..  Different phases , different stages.

  But here is what I know .. when you find that light so precious as gold  who loves you without any if’s and respects your boundary with kindness , understanding with no prejudices .

  She your  safe haven on a stormy day , the sun behind the dark clouds and the wind in midst of a desert . She is fierce enough to correct with love and compassionately   listen to your pleas .

  She is the gift that universe gave.   She is your  friend , your soulmate  .

Path of light , path of respect .. friendship delights a soul .


Connection , friendship knows no distance .
A bouquet of flower was one of the many things that makes you happy

Dearest Ter,

How are you ? It has been more than 40 days since you left us . I miss you … I miss the chuckie talks when you would pushed me in a corner of admission. I miss your ” wow” comments even if my selfie were out of this world ..

You have been a part of my chitchats small or unrelevant talks during my breaks I miss that too. If I would enumerate all the little things that I missed from you I know a blog would not be enough.

Our last conversation you just said goodbye to me in a very subtle way . I tried to swayed you to wait for me … my way of asking you to fight a little bit longer . We know it was an uphill battle and you have won them all . You have survived the hardest storm of your life, and the time has come for you to rest . No more pain .. That is why even if our hearts are in pain we have gladly let you go . Worry not for everything will be taken care of .

A vow for a friend has been made.

About a week ago we had the most beautiful heartfelt party . It was both a celebration of our life and the friendships that we have made along the way.

Ter , I know you are smiling down at us … You are now our personal angel..

Bob , Totskie, Dangs, Randy( yes si capt humot🙃) and rest of the Moonwalkers89 misses your naughtiness and the energy that you shared every time we will have our activities .. Fly with us Ter as we will embark a new phase in our Journey .

Forever with us

Jennifer 1972-2022 forever ❤️


I look at the road of
hope .. horizon of
I step forward as my
heart beats for the
sunrise of chances
Moving forward
New hope ,new
road … my passage of
life will take the turn
to a wonderful start.
I reach for the sun.. I
raise my head for the
air …l am almost
here .. my passage
my hope

My sun of hope shines across me . Shine on me , light upon me as I look unto my passage of hope .

We walk through that path … no regrets only gratitude for the lessons learned ….

My path ,my passage

A grasp of new meadow

My heart long for you ,My head murmur your name , I can’t breath as I grasp for air .. for the memories of you

My heart sang a song , a melody that I am unfamiliar of.

My brain whisper a thoughts that I refuse to listen .

As I laid myself to rest , My soul long for that old familiar scent .. A scent not so long ago makes me flutter … but now it brought me to tears

I can not stop …I must move on …move forward …

A meadow fresh , new horizon , new dawn … I am almost there..

When love dies

In de dawn of the winter I met you. I was cold and hurt. You gave me warmth and mend my wounds . I was hesitant to hold your hands but you told me it is just okey.

I learned to trust you , hold you , the sun was rising again , flowers starts to grow. I saw spring and starts to love the songs that birds sang .

On one autumn day , I saw an image of you different from what I used to see. Your words cuts like a knife in my heart. Why ? I felt betrayed . I tried to hang on but in me I know something has changed , something has died .

I tried to heal , to revived … but it was just “I” .. “WE” does not exist anymore.

It’s time , to cut lose , to accept the hurt , betrayal has killed my love for you.

Goodbye .. summer will soon come into my life … as long as I have ME I will be okey

Learn let it flow … it will be okey

Ray of light

  As I walked through the path of Ray … I am and will always choose happiness balance with kindness .
  At times when I am out of focus .. out of my ray .. I will take a deep breath seek inside me .
  I am the spark , I am the ray … exude  , breath … look up  , walk on …

A Rainy Day in Paris

How did we spent our rainy day in Paris ?

Luncheon at Le Jules Verne was an experience to keep .

This restuarant is located at the third floor of the very known Eiffel tower . A classy way of visiting this impressive tower with a private elevator , a receptionist and your own private access to the observatory deck of the tower .
With Chef Frédérick Anton ( has been a 3 stars since 2007) leading the service you would expect nothing but perfection on every cuisine that is served . Both the meal and wine were perfectly thought out .

We had the five course meal with two amuses and glasses of savory rose champagne.

Chestnuts in caramel sauce
Sea Urchins
Cauliflower mousse with caviar
Lemon crab
Naturally cooked Cod with spicy jus
Smoked lamb

Our food varies from Sea urchin to very tasty smoked lamb .
The dessert was the highlight. It was called ” The chocolate dessert” , the chocolates were presented and made into temperature ( warm and cold ) you must start at the warm chocolate mouse then topped it with the cold chocolate.

The chocolate dessert

This will give you one mouthful of food orgasm…
It is bitter , salty ,hot, sweet and cold or I should say magic ….
We closes our luncheon with a coffee paired with these cute chocolates and sponge orange cakes to nibble.

Sometimea delicious things comes in small portions

As the skies cried her heart out .. Two friends enjoys the savory rose champagne at the top of the Eiffel tower .

Savory rose champagne


My dear friend ended her 50th birthday celebration here with a small complimentary mango sorbet with a handwritten in a thin chocolate sheet “happy 50th birthday Ralla ” by the chef 🙂

Blow and make a wish