Celebration of  life and Friendship

Last saturday , my dear friend turned 50 .. She wanted a huge party  that would celebrates her  life up to this point .

  She invited 50 guest ..  Each one of them marked a special place in her life . They are more than just a friend .. They are her family in this  foreign place .

  It was a night full of not only good food but also amazing people . One of the many surprises of the evenning was the edited video of our highschool friends ( including me )  . We  sang our   friendship song “That’s what friends are for” .

  I have watched the video multiple times since my son and myself did the edited version of it .. Everytime  I watched it my mind would utter a word or two . So let me write them down …

  Friendship knows no distance or time.  It only speaks the words of Love , Respect and Understanding . It embraces Acceptance  of who we were , who we have become and who we will be . It treasure moments  the good ones for the laughters and the  challenging ones for the lessons to be learned .

Friendship is knowing when to stand for , yet  still holds that  Boundary and  Accountability  of  the sacrecy of a secret .

That Saturday night as I sang our  friendship song  I know that my dear friend is surrounded with people who appreciates the beauty of friendship, love and life ….


Life continues here ….


The surprise video

Note :

To my highschool bffs who have grew up to be amazing human beings ( Kyaw, Nory ,Cio ,Son and Al ) , to my second family ( Tatay, Manang and Ate Ju ) thank you for making this video with me ..

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