Happy Diwali everyone !!!

Diwali is one of the hindu festival that I love ..  No I am not a Hindu . I  am a soul who believes in the harmony of  everything in the universe  with one  Almighty that holds the order I am a  kind of person who respects all beliefs  , gender  and political stand .  Continue reading “Happy Diwali everyone !!!”

Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )

Giralda Tower and Cathedral Giralda Tower is one of the iconic tower in Seville. At 104.2 meters or 32 floors it has dominated the skies of Andalusia for 800 years. An impressive Gothic design , it’s beauty does not only radiates outside but as well as inside . After all this is one of theContinue reading “Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )”

Eight or so in me

I read somewhere that in life’s survival we need to see the eight years old version of us and the eighty years old to guide us. In my case I would like to reflect on that little chubby four or so girl who refuses to conform to what the society asked her to do .Continue reading “Eight or so in me”

A letter for Jen

Dearest Ter , God is Good and has been showing us His grace all the time .You are one of His miracle. Ter ,thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey of yours .We could never been prouder of how you fought and survived in all of this .Yes ! EverythingContinue reading “A letter for Jen”

The Creed

You don’t need a him to make you feel good , needed or Love . You don’t have to compare yourself to someone else . For you are unique and perfectly imperfect. Don’t allow yourself to hold on to hate, hurt and bitterness. You are more than that . Choose and allow yourself to forgiveContinue reading “The Creed”


My ever dearest Body , How are you ? I don’t asked this question to often towards you , instead I just keep on deamanding on you . So many expectations that I have from you. Despite of my discontenment , my demands you have still showed compassion and endurance towards me . There wasContinue reading “Lovenote”

One hundred likes

Why am I so elated with this ? For someone who does not consider herself as a writer. For someone who have a very chaotic thoughts .. So chaotic that at times she needs to silent them . Writing is her theraphy . It is in this zone that she can mirror herself and theContinue reading “One hundred likes”

6th of January

A date that has full of memories and reasons to celebrate . 6th of January 1973 at 3 am I was born into this world called life . Every moment that I have lived is a series of lessons to be learned and Ripples of victory to rejoice.. 6th of January 2019 A reconnection ofContinue reading “6th of January”