Dearest Ter, How are you ? It has been more than 40 days since you left us . I miss you … I miss the chuckie talks when you would pushed me in a corner of admission. I miss your ” wow” comments even if my selfie were out of this world .. You haveContinue reading “Jen”

Randall’s Cup

Seventeen years ago I lost my youngest brother due to pancreatitis . He was thirty years old and full of dreams. His death came unexpected ,his death left a huge hole in my heart . A hole that I have learned to co-exist seventeen years after his gone . Each year stronger than myself IContinue reading “Randall’s Cup”


Dedication Randall Joseph Dy. Prado (1976-2007) Forever grateful to be called your atchie Introduction Cocoon is a silky web of spun that helps a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly. In our life a turbulence of emotions and experiences can also be considered as a cocoon. For as we come out of a certain situationContinue reading “Cocoon”