To cry and aknowledge our weakness is the moment that we are at our bravest To love even though it hurts To sing our soul out even though we are bleeding To stand with dignity and talk with kindness even though we are misunderstood . And to smile to the world even it is confusingContinue reading “Bravery”

Happy Diwali everyone !!!

Diwali is one of the hindu festival that I love ..  No I am not a Hindu . I  am a soul who believes in the harmony of  everything in the universe  with one  Almighty that holds the order I am a  kind of person who respects all beliefs  , gender  and political stand .  Continue reading “Happy Diwali everyone !!!”

Spaces , growth and Phases

A friend of mine once told me a story about a hermit crab and how it changes it’s shell once it becomes too small for them . This story is one of my reminder everytime things get tough , uneasy and change is inevitable . Like a Hermit crab i should be ready to adoptContinue reading “Spaces , growth and Phases”

My Affirmation

I will always celebrate life Embrace every moment that comes . I will not wait for tomorrow , today is all that matters . I will learn to let go of attachments . Accept the fact that everything in this realm of life are borrowed and temporary . I will love no matter what andContinue reading “My Affirmation”

Pulses of happiness

Happiness is a choice . It is being grateful on those little moments that matters most . It is the smile of the  young man eating his favorite chicken curry ( in his  taste pallet this is the most delicious chicken curry in the entire planet 🙂) Or knowing that the children that you haveContinue reading “Pulses of happiness”

Think before you speak

Our mind will play tricks on us if we just let it flow. Stop ,think take a deep breath. Look and listen to that tiny voice of positively .. shift that negative thoughts to a happy one . Our words are like a double edged sword it cuts both ends .. Words that hurt areContinue reading “Think before you speak”

Light in Us

Light that burns ,light that shines .. always believe that there is a light shines in you Light that guide us through the darkest tunnel . Warms our soul when the world turns cold . Share your light ,share your brightness . Illuminate to those who needs warmth and ray . Be your own lightContinue reading “Light in Us”

The Creed

You don’t need a him to make you feel good , needed or Love . You don’t have to compare yourself to someone else . For you are unique and perfectly imperfect. Don’t allow yourself to hold on to hate, hurt and bitterness. You are more than that . Choose and allow yourself to forgiveContinue reading “The Creed”


I will live my life before it will outlived me I will embrace a love that is full of respect and acceptance of who I become Learn , yes I will learn all the lessons that universe have showed me . I will choose to Laugh no matter how gloomy the day is . ForContinue reading “Affirmation”