Letting go

We turned into circles Fought to hang on … denies to accept that it is time to move on . For years I hold you close in my heart , for years I try to understand and fit in the box . You are good but we can not stick together . My heart bleedsContinue reading “Letting go”


We walk in a path of  lessons  , of light that sparkle in a different directions.   We met souls  with beautiful colors that sometimes  blends with us while other times  clashes that with the luminous   light that we are projecting .   At times  we stumble a color  so unique  that our hearts areContinue reading “Soulmate”


Dearest Ter, How are you ? It has been more than 40 days since you left us . I miss you … I miss the chuckie talks when you would pushed me in a corner of admission. I miss your ” wow” comments even if my selfie were out of this world .. You haveContinue reading “Jen”

Happy Diwali everyone !!!

Diwali is one of the hindu festival that I love ..  No I am not a Hindu . I  am a soul who believes in the harmony of  everything in the universe  with one  Almighty that holds the order I am a  kind of person who respects all beliefs  , gender  and political stand .  Continue reading “Happy Diwali everyone !!!”

Randall’s Cup

Seventeen years ago I lost my youngest brother due to pancreatitis . He was thirty years old and full of dreams. His death came unexpected ,his death left a huge hole in my heart . A hole that I have learned to co-exist seventeen years after his gone . Each year stronger than myself IContinue reading “Randall’s Cup”


I will always celebrate my friendship with you . Regardless of time ,distance and age I will always embrace our fond memories . Growing up with you , shaping our beliefs was easy because you were there to listen and share your uncensored thoughts . How miss our “stair conversations” at your house years agoContinue reading “Manay”

A letter for Jen

Dearest Ter , God is Good and has been showing us His grace all the time .You are one of His miracle. Ter ,thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey of yours .We could never been prouder of how you fought and survived in all of this .Yes ! EverythingContinue reading “A letter for Jen”