I look at the road ofhope .. horizon ofchancesI step forward as myheart beats for thesunrise of chancesMoving forwardonwardNew hope ,newroad … my passage oflife will take the turnto a wonderful start.I reach for the sun.. Iraise my head for theair …l am almosthere .. my passagemy hope We walk through that path … noContinue reading “Passage”

A Rainy Day in Paris

How did we spent our rainy day in Paris ? Luncheon at Le Jules Verne was an experience to keep . This restuarant is located at the third floor of the very known Eiffel tower . A classy way of visiting this impressive tower with a private elevator , a receptionist and your own privateContinue reading “A Rainy Day in Paris”


To cry and aknowledge our weakness is the moment that we are at our bravest To love even though it hurts To sing our soul out even though we are bleeding To stand with dignity and talk with kindness even though we are misunderstood . And to smile to the world even it is confusingContinue reading “Bravery”

Smile and Happiness

“I owned my smile , I owned my happiness ” one of my many day to day mantra . I smile even if the situation is very hurting and confusing for I believed behind the facade of this situation is a rainbow of lessons awaits me . Lessons that would hone me into a betterContinue reading “Smile and Happiness”

Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )

Giralda Tower and Cathedral Giralda Tower is one of the iconic tower in Seville. At 104.2 meters or 32 floors it has dominated the skies of Andalusia for 800 years. An impressive Gothic design , it’s beauty does not only radiates outside but as well as inside . After all this is one of theContinue reading “Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )”

Pulses of happiness

Happiness is a choice . It is being grateful on those little moments that matters most . It is the smile of the  young man eating his favorite chicken curry ( in his  taste pallet this is the most delicious chicken curry in the entire planet 🙂) Or knowing that the children that you haveContinue reading “Pulses of happiness”

Light in Us

Light that burns ,light that shines .. always believe that there is a light shines in you Light that guide us through the darkest tunnel . Warms our soul when the world turns cold . Share your light ,share your brightness . Illuminate to those who needs warmth and ray . Be your own lightContinue reading “Light in Us”


I will always celebrate my friendship with you . Regardless of time ,distance and age I will always embrace our fond memories . Growing up with you , shaping our beliefs was easy because you were there to listen and share your uncensored thoughts . How miss our “stair conversations” at your house years agoContinue reading “Manay”

Eight or so in me

I read somewhere that in life’s survival we need to see the eight years old version of us and the eighty years old to guide us. In my case I would like to reflect on that little chubby four or so girl who refuses to conform to what the society asked her to do .Continue reading “Eight or so in me”