Ray of light

  As I walked through the path of Ray … I am and will always choose happiness balance with kindness .  At times when I am out of focus .. out of my ray .. I will take a deep breath seek inside me .  I am the spark , I am the ray …Continue reading “Ray of light”

Light in Us

Light that burns ,light that shines .. always believe that there is a light shines in you Light that guide us through the darkest tunnel . Warms our soul when the world turns cold . Share your light ,share your brightness . Illuminate to those who needs warmth and ray . Be your own lightContinue reading “Light in Us”

Forty Nine

The 6th of January will be my Forty ninth swing around the sun . Forty eight was a color fun rotation . I have learned lessons that would make me a better version of me . I have made meaningful friendship . I have met along the way wonderful souls that I have learn toContinue reading “Forty Nine”