My ever dearest Body , How are you ? I don’t asked this question to often towards you , instead I just keep on deamanding on you . So many expectations that I have from you. Despite of my discontenment , my demands you have still showed compassion and endurance towards me . There wasContinue reading “Lovenote”

Brave ,Beautiful and Different

“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.” – Luna Lovegood ( Harry Potter Deathly Hallows ) Intoduction : Last Sunday the 21st of March was Down Syndrome Day to honor this day and as part of the awareness campaign schools and all over social media encourages everyone toContinue reading “Brave ,Beautiful and Different”

Journey towards Body acceptance

“Life is too short to be unkind to YOURSELF” — Holly Habeck    We tend to project and give in to the pressure of the society on what  beauty is  and the ideal body looks like . I am no exception to these I am 100% a whore to fit in the body image .Continue reading “Journey towards Body acceptance”