A Tribute to Friendship: Chuckie and The Rockstar

They called themselves the twins from another womb. So different yet so alike . I call them Chuckie and The Rockstar . Chuckie She is very witty and a kin observant . When everyone is pointing and staring at the right direction she would dare to turn to the other side just so to giveContinue reading “A Tribute to Friendship: Chuckie and The Rockstar”

Journey towards Self Awakening : My Complications

“Rain didn’t make things messy. People did all on their own .” — Barbara Delinsky , The Secret Between Us . It is when you have decided to just let it be . Enjoy and make the best of everything, The unexpected things happened . He walked in through that door like a cold hushContinue reading “Journey towards Self Awakening : My Complications”

Journey towards Self Awakening : Discovering the Inner Strength

Introduction Hello this is a very deep stuff to tackle .. So let’s talk, I am no expert but I know what it is to be in that place where in you have fought a good fight and you felt like you have given every inch of your strength .Yet the struggle still continues andContinue reading “Journey towards Self Awakening : Discovering the Inner Strength”

Journey towards Self Awakening

Introduction This for YOU who have encouraged me to write again . To look into that creative side of me. You are one of the most influencial person in my life and I couldn’t thank you enough for always seeing the different light that shines in me. For being with me all through out thisContinue reading “Journey towards Self Awakening”

Ice cream… consolation for my aching heart. 

Ok I was planning to share an ice cream recipe of which i haven’t made. I just want to sound chique 😁😁. Since I am Tink and friends call me as JAckie of all trade (sister of Jack ). So lets make this as easy as possible (even though we know its not ) .Continue reading “Ice cream… consolation for my aching heart. “