A Rainy Day in Paris

How did we spent our rainy day in Paris ? Luncheon at Le Jules Verne was an experience to keep . This restuarant is located at the third floor of the very known Eiffel tower . A classy way of visiting this impressive tower with a private elevator , a receptionist and your own privateContinue reading “A Rainy Day in Paris”

You and I

You and I we grow up togetherYou and I we venture adventuresWe cried and laugh Through joys and sorrow we held each others hand . You and I may grow and walk on the different path ..But my dear be assured that I will be at corner waiting for you . You and I willContinue reading “You and I”

Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )

Giralda Tower and Cathedral Giralda Tower is one of the iconic tower in Seville. At 104.2 meters or 32 floors it has dominated the skies of Andalusia for 800 years. An impressive Gothic design , it’s beauty does not only radiates outside but as well as inside . After all this is one of theContinue reading “Courage , Perseverance ,Faith Friendship and Giralda Tower of Seville( the Beth and Jo story )”

Randall’s Cup

Seventeen years ago I lost my youngest brother due to pancreatitis . He was thirty years old and full of dreams. His death came unexpected ,his death left a huge hole in my heart . A hole that I have learned to co-exist seventeen years after his gone . Each year stronger than myself IContinue reading “Randall’s Cup”

Travels , connections and friendships

Let me journal our travels .. This journey started back in Dec 2018 when a couple of my highschool batchmates came to Belgium and have a small meet up. Some of them I have already met a couple of years prior to this gathering while the others …. its was ages that we have seenContinue reading “Travels , connections and friendships”

St. PADDY’S  with Friends ( the planned unplanned mini ANHS 89 EU tapok ).

The start   We start here  , my sister from another mother Klara and myself did our almost nightly chat . A random talk about everything that happened to us ( which I really love with our friendship) . I became fond of Klara  ever since I met her  in NYC ( I will beContinue reading “St. PADDY’S  with Friends ( the planned unplanned mini ANHS 89 EU tapok ).”


My friendship with you is special . It is close to the outside world. In our world we could be us .. no mask , bare face and uncensored stories. We would laugh at almost everything . My friendship with you is possesive. In our realm we are the Stars and the rest will notContinue reading “Friendship”

The Magic of Santorini (ANHS89tapok2021)

 “There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with.” – Kristen Sarah    After almost 2 years of  not flying due to the pandemic travel restrictions  , It is again  about time to explore .   For the last three years my highschool batchmates and myself  have agreed to try toContinue reading “The Magic of Santorini (ANHS89tapok2021)”