Bright light shimmer on me .. Dimmer not ,flicker not Bright light walk with me . Warm my soul , hold me tight I am hurt , I am wounded Bright light clear my eyes , warm my heart . With you in me, my light will soon exuberate … I look inside me …Continue reading “Light”

Letting go

We turned into circles Fought to hang on … denies to accept that it is time to move on . For years I hold you close in my heart , for years I try to understand and fit in the box . You are good but we can not stick together . My heart bleedsContinue reading “Letting go”


To cry and aknowledge our weakness is the moment that we are at our bravest To love even though it hurts To sing our soul out even though we are bleeding To stand with dignity and talk with kindness even though we are misunderstood . And to smile to the world even it is confusingContinue reading “Bravery”

Smile and Happiness

“I owned my smile , I owned my happiness ” one of my many day to day mantra . I smile even if the situation is very hurting and confusing for I believed behind the facade of this situation is a rainbow of lessons awaits me . Lessons that would hone me into a betterContinue reading “Smile and Happiness”

Spaces , growth and Phases

A friend of mine once told me a story about a hermit crab and how it changes it’s shell once it becomes too small for them . This story is one of my reminder everytime things get tough , uneasy and change is inevitable . Like a Hermit crab i should be ready to adoptContinue reading “Spaces , growth and Phases”

Eight or so in me

I read somewhere that in life’s survival we need to see the eight years old version of us and the eighty years old to guide us. In my case I would like to reflect on that little chubby four or so girl who refuses to conform to what the society asked her to do .Continue reading “Eight or so in me”

The Creed

You don’t need a him to make you feel good , needed or Love . You don’t have to compare yourself to someone else . For you are unique and perfectly imperfect. Don’t allow yourself to hold on to hate, hurt and bitterness. You are more than that . Choose and allow yourself to forgiveContinue reading “The Creed”


My ever dearest Body , How are you ? I don’t asked this question to often towards you , instead I just keep on deamanding on you . So many expectations that I have from you. Despite of my discontenment , my demands you have still showed compassion and endurance towards me . There wasContinue reading “Lovenote”


I will live my life before it will outlived me I will embrace a love that is full of respect and acceptance of who I become Learn , yes I will learn all the lessons that universe have showed me . I will choose to Laugh no matter how gloomy the day is . ForContinue reading “Affirmation”