Journey towards Body acceptance

“Life is too short to be unkind to YOURSELF” — Holly Habeck    We tend to project and give in to the pressure of the society on what  beauty is  and the ideal body looks like . I am no exception to these I am 100% a whore to fit in the body image .Continue reading “Journey towards Body acceptance”


Dedication Randall Joseph Dy. Prado (1976-2007) Forever grateful to be called your atchie Introduction Cocoon is a silky web of spun that helps a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly. In our life a turbulence of emotions and experiences can also be considered as a cocoon. For as we come out of a certain situationContinue reading “Cocoon”

A Tribute to Friendship: Chuckie and The Rockstar

They called themselves the twins from another womb. So different yet so alike . I call them Chuckie and The Rockstar . Chuckie She is very witty and a kin observant . When everyone is pointing and staring at the right direction she would dare to turn to the other side just so to giveContinue reading “A Tribute to Friendship: Chuckie and The Rockstar”

Journey towards Self Awakening : My Complications

“Rain didn’t make things messy. People did all on their own .” — Barbara Delinsky , The Secret Between Us . It is when you have decided to just let it be . Enjoy and make the best of everything, The unexpected things happened . He walked in through that door like a cold hushContinue reading “Journey towards Self Awakening : My Complications”