Forty Nine

The 6th of January will be my Forty ninth swing around the sun . Forty eight was a color fun rotation . I have learned lessons that would make me a better version of me . I have made meaningful friendship . I have met along the way wonderful souls that I have learn toContinue reading “Forty Nine”

6th of January

A date that has full of memories and reasons to celebrate . 6th of January 1973 at 3 am I was born into this world called life . Every moment that I have lived is a series of lessons to be learned and Ripples of victory to rejoice.. 6th of January 2019 A reconnection ofContinue reading “6th of January”

The Magic of Santorini (ANHS89tapok2021)

 “There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with.” – Kristen Sarah    After almost 2 years of  not flying due to the pandemic travel restrictions  , It is again  about time to explore .   For the last three years my highschool batchmates and myself  have agreed to try toContinue reading “The Magic of Santorini (ANHS89tapok2021)”

A week with friends and 32 years

 “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  – Tim Cahill Happy faces  , warm hugs and oooh so unending stories  of  both the reminiscing of the past and updating of our present lives . It was a week of old friends reconnecting and meeting new ones  amidst of these pandemic . 18thContinue reading “A week with friends and 32 years”

Letting Go

I cut the string Let lose of the grip I am letting you go. I stopped the fantasy And face reality I am letting you go Moving forward Never looking back I am letting you go I bow my head , dried my tears Put on a smile , whisper thank you for the lessonsContinue reading “Letting Go”

Affirmation (thoughts of my soul )

I bow down my head before mother earth thanking her for the gift of new day. I thank her for the air I breathe and for the emotions that I have felt. As I breathe positive thoughts ,I am breathing out bondage of attachments . Attachments that can cause pain, for I OWN NOTHING andContinue reading “Affirmation (thoughts of my soul )”

Gratitude : Marelle

Dearest Marelle , I could never been so grateful that in this life time our stars were align and our path have tangled . We become friends , you become one of my strength. I thank you for staying up with me ,for asking me to turn my attention into a different direction when situationsContinue reading “Gratitude : Marelle”