Affirmation (thoughts of my soul )

I bow down my head before mother earth thanking her for the gift of new day.

I thank her for the air I breathe and for the emotions that I have felt.

As I breathe positive thoughts ,I am breathing out bondage of attachments .

Attachments that can cause pain, for I OWN NOTHING and NOTHING OWNS ME.

I breathe in Love and breathe out situations that I don’t have any control .

As I start my weekend I choose to breathe positive energy and think Mindful thoughts ..

Have a blissful weekend

Gratitude : Marelle

Dearest Marelle ,

I could never been so grateful that in this life time our stars were align and our path have tangled . We become friends , you become one of my strength.

I thank you for staying up with me ,for asking me to turn my attention into a different direction when situations are too hurtful.

For reminding me that there are other fun stuffs in life . I thank you for being

compassionate , for wiping my tears , for holding my hands and for just being there

Teh , you are a blessing that came into my life , a soft sun when I felt like I am covered with heavy clouds .

Thank you for being YOU ..



Brave ,Beautiful and Different

  • “Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.” – Luna Lovegood ( Harry Potter Deathly Hallows )

Intoduction :

Last Sunday the 21st of March was Down Syndrome Day to honor this day and as part of the awareness campaign schools and all over social media encourages everyone to wear two different kinds of socks . This day is called “gekke sokken dag” or as translated in englisg crazy socks day . This is to symbolize that IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT .

Yesterday ( 23rd of March)

It was one of those working days but yesterday gave me some take away to ponder.

Alice my 5 years playmate ( I refer her as my playmate ) along with her sister Aude came to me running as I arrived at thier house . The girls wore two unpaired socks of course I know why…

Alice : Jeeee I am wearing two different socks because it is crazy socks day at my school and Aude too.

Me: ooooh that looks fun .. and do you know why you are wearing those socks ?

Alice : yes , because SOMETIMES IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT my teacher told us that .

Me : indeed .. that is nice Alice ..

She was about to wear her shoes .. then she stop mid-way look at me and said ” well if is is okey to be different why hide it with a pair of shoes?”

She stopped turn to me and said ” I should wear unpair of shoes too with that everyone will know that IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT ”

She then go on picked two different kinds of shoes

Reflection :

To a child its is just the way it should be …But to the society that we are existing we should always be reminded that everyone of us is unique .

We must learn to respect and honor our differences whether it is the physical attributes or emotional development.

We must never forget to EMBRACE THE UNIQUENESS IN US .


Morning Affirmation

I bow down to mother earth for she showered me with breath and new life today .

I am grateful to witness the sunrise and hear the birds sing .

As I embark a new day, let my soul be at rest, my mind be mindful on the words I utter .

May my heart be filled with kindness to understand and be patience towards others .

May the people that matters to me be protected by His divine powers . May they start thier day with a smile and joy in their hearts

I breath in positive energy and breath out the worries on things that I have no control of .

Good morning !

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A letter for Jenny

Grams as I fondly call you . You are a powerhouse of strength and endurance.

We saw your professionalism, dedication way under difficult circumstances ,you have helped our group on the necessary things to be done despite the fact your heart is bleeding and your mind has this unrest thoughts of worries over Shiloh ..

Grams , you have been seasoned through the challenges of time .Your faith and hope gives you the notch of courage that makes you a woman of integrity.

We love our moments together and insights that we shared .. I and the rest of the core are grateful that despite of your busy schedule you would still try to squeeze us in (yes as in squeeze in ) every queries would be answered.

You have shared your expertise in leading us with our community services both in directives or with your presence . Thank you for being a key player .

Yes , I have intentionally greeted you days earlier than your d-day because I wanted you to know we are thankful for this reconnection and friendship that we have built . To more friendship years to come ..

Happy birthday beautiful, powerful yet sensitive soul ❤

Us ( Moonwalkers89)

Grams at her best … serving the vulnerable ones with wisdom and passion .

Journals of Happiness : Sharing Joy (Moonwalkers89 way)


I am starting to write moments that I love to remember . In each events ,situations there is that specific emotions that is connected .

Today my Journal of Happiness goes to the simple joy that The Moonwalkers89 shared.

The Story

As I have mentioned in my previous blog ” Moonwalkers” is group of individuals who were highschool classmates and have been reconnected after 30 years .

Each one of them has this unique beauty , strength , talent and wits . Despite of the years that they have been apart the sense of connectivity still burns within them .

They have made to the point that their reconnection would have meaningful purpose . Thus , they have choosen to served the vulnerable communities in their own ways.

These community activities paved the way in strengthen thier relationships from being good friends to becoming families .

No distance too far for those who wanted to be together ..

Community Services as an act of Reconnection

“So long as we love we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

A quote from

It all started with an informal conversations in between the karaoke and sea breeze of Cabadbaran city . The passion to serve was there but of course there was a question of resources.

As the discussion go deeper the desire grew. They made a pact to meet again on 2022 but for the meantime they must Keep the fire burning through community services .

Each one of them shared its own idea . Allowed their own expertise to contribute whatever project they are in . Everything is being discussed and though the budget is tight they still pursue with enthusiasm . They believe they are ONE

Whether it is feeding for the Lumads ( indigenious group) ,Elderly or the forgotten ones of society they serve with their hearts .

They often said that “the community services did not only filled the hearts of the needy but it has also strengthen thier friendship .It makes them feel like “they Belong” a quote that Fatima always uses .

At the end it is not about how much but it is more of how they made a small step towards doing meaningful act .


If we choose to be serve with purpose and developed a friendship founded with respect , love, an open clear communication and admiration the friendship will thrive .

Respect towards each other helps us bridge the growing pains that we encounter along the way . Love makes us more understanding towards the shortcoming of the others . An open and clear communication results to endless hours of worthwhile stories which are interwine with laughters and the feeling of belongingness .

Notes of Gratitude

To the 41 Moonwalkers89 it has been with great pleasure to reconnect the bond with each one of you in a different levels .

Maricar who have encouraged me in forming the group

Bob who is always ready to do whatever ,wherever … you are an epitome of support

Felda , the rockstar with a large wallet how would we exist without your dedication ?

Jennifer for being the best twin and side kick of Felda

Tots who is always ready to give me an enlightenment advises whenever I am confuse.

Jenny (Grams ) my admiration for a powerhouse woman who would unselfishly share her time regardless of the situation ..Grams thank you for always answering my Queries

Jehmymah (Yen) thank you for assisting and sharing the burden with Grams

Lore our balancer

Marelle who edits my thoughts from time to time

Joe, Janet , Ga and Renee for being the life of our gc . I always love your wits

Mela, Rowena ,Joy and Serachel whose doors are always open whenever I would come knocking it .

Maam Jone thank you for always gracing whenever it is possible for you

Sweet, Lani, Fatima ,Grace, Cathy , Cy , Jona , Ana and Kathy for coming home to us ..

Cherrypie for openning my mind about Por cristo

Mary Grace even in your silence I know I can count on you .

Wilfred , Alberto and Arthur the boys who are never hesitated to help whenever we have an activity

Ferdinand (Dnand) thank you for always entertaining my lengthy notes for blending to be one of us.

Randy for being just annoying you 🙂

I am proud to be one of you .. thank you Moonwalkers89 for the lessons and joy that you have shared

May we continue to touch lives .

The essential only games that we often played ..most of us joined not for the prize but simply for fun ..Sweet won the spaghetti package while the rest had vinegars . GRAMS jenny took home the monster pizza which was divided into 4 .. its always about fun and sharing kindness
“Real happiness doesn’t come from getting everything you want . It comes from sharing what you have with the people who matter.”

Random morning thoughts

Each day I am thankful for the lessons and gifts that life showed me

Choose to be silent when words are unnecessary .

Choose to smile when situations are worth pouting for . Be grateful for the lessons of the struggles .

Choose to stand gracefully on things that you believe .

Believe that no matter how dark ,difficult the situation looks like you always have a choice to fight and stay positive .

Never regret but instead reflect and learn.

Take a breath , close your eyes and be still in the silence of peace …

Choice is a gift that we have to honour and treasure.

Breathe and I

In times of my sadness breathe consoles me .

In hour of my anxieties he calms me

Breathe is a friend that holds my hand when I am scared , embraces me when I am lonely

He reminds me of my tact whenever I want to burst into unnecessary words .

As long as I am breathing I know I am not alone ..

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life. – Giovanni Papini

Journals of Happiness


We are surrounded with pulses of events .. Events that exudes moments , Moments that can be source of small happiness.

This are compliation of moments that I love to cherish and how I use them to remind me that life is full of events that are worth to grateful with

These are my Journal of Happiness

RESTART Is Sometimes the Necessary Solution

Thursday , woke up with an headache and a heavy heart with no apparent reasons . We all have those days that even if the sun shines brightly at the horizon we felt so gloom inside . Wearing my best mask (that would be my smile ) started my working day with the 92 years old client of mine .

When I have arrived we did the routinary stuffs ..Until she asked me if I could help her with Ipad . It has been days that she couldn’t do any facetime with her daughter who is living abroad .

We all know that during these pandemic times to be connected with our loveones who are far from us means the world .

After our morning walks I started checking her IPAD . Did the necessary steps but still no avail in connecting with her daughter .

While they were talking through my whatsapp , I was busy with her IPAD until I remember …. the cardinal rule in gadget “if you have some issues try to restart the unit.” And as expected the IPAD works again facetime !!!

That moment when the face of her daughter shows up on her screen the 3 of us hailed like we just won a lottery ..The joy of reconnecting , the smile on their faces was priceless .


Sometimes we are face with situations that we are fixated with a certain pattern of behaviors and views .

A pause or restart maybe the necessary step to take . For us to see a certain situation in a different views .

Sometimes we need to take a breathe so we can step out of a vicious cycle .

Restarting into something can be a source of new joy in our life … let us never hesitate to restart …as Craig D.Lounsbrough said

“Starting over begins when I develop a reawakened appreciation for what I already have, a renewed recognition of what I’ve recklessly forsaken, a rehabilitated understanding that I foolishly do both of those things, and a revitalized commitment to live the rest of my life never doing either of them again.”

Journey towards Body acceptance

“Life is too short to be unkind to YOURSELF” — Holly Habeck

   We tend to project and give in to the pressure of the society on what  beauty is  and the ideal body looks like . I am no exception to these I am 100% a whore to fit in the body image . I call myself Ms. Wanting to fit in .

This is where all it started

   As a child I was always been chubby , I never had a complexity with my body . People who are dear to me have always accepted the way I am .

At 4 years

   Until adolescence  came knocking on my door ..  Suddenly , I wanted to be the muse instead of a class mayor .. but year after year I never became one .

Induction of Officers for Circle K club U.P Tacloban chapter

Insecurities towards my body image started to creep in … I started to diet ..yes ! I tried all kinds  of diet craze Atkins , fruit diet , cracker diet , no carbs, I just mimic the fad without understanding the principle behind every eating principles   ..I yo-yoed my way through the “acceptable body” to the  point that I have suffered an eating disorder .

Eating disorder the answer of my dreams ?

   Just right after college I became more obsessed with controlling my weight .

It all started with just 2 spoons of rice and it has escalated to almost not eating ..The hunger sensations gave pleasure . My once chubby self has now changed into “the acceptable size ” .

  I barely eat and even drinking water gave  me that sense of fear and guilt  to become fat . Hence anything that comes into my system  must come out , Vomitting is the solution . I have the body that I have always dreamed of ( as I believed so)

  Vomitting gave me that sense of control …

  I had started with anorexia then turn to bulimia .. A love affair that would stay with me for quite awhile . I can still remember vividly how I would walked in and out  to the kitchen of my aunt’s house ( I was living with them) so they won’t suspect that I haven’t eaten yet or I would tell my aunt that I ate with my friends or at my friends house, I always have an excuse ready to avoid eating.

   Food at this phase is both an enemy and lover . There were days that just by staring I could visualize what’s in it and find reasons why I shouldn’t eat it . And if I do, it must come out of my system as  fast as possible.

  There were days when I would just eat  because I felt the hunger.  But then ended up feeling guilty because I ate .. and I would punished myself .

It was an endless vicious cycle .. I thought it was a part of a diet and has denied the fact that I have an early on set of anorexia -bulimia .

  When you suffered from eating disorders it stays with you even if you have overcome the adversity .. It is like having a sleeping demons inside of you that would be awaken anytime a situation becomes uncontrollable or you want to punish yourself.

Looking stunning from the outside ..suffering from the inside

  The Turning Point

December 25, 2003 as I battled my inner demons I gave birth to a beautiful son . It’s the only perfect unconditional love that I know. I would do anything and everything for him and that includes healing myself.

Rerouting to a healthier path is never easy . It is a cocktail of relapsing , patience and moving forward . All I know is that giving up is not an option.

Embracing my womanhood means it is not compromising yourself to the fads of diet schemes . It is appreciating every curves and marks that my body has . Sleeping at a decent time and eating the right healthy portion .

Exercise at least 30 mins a day would help clear your mind and cleanse your skin . Yoga is my favorite it is in harmony with my whole being with respect and acceptance to who I was and who I am now .


   The cardinal rule of becoming healthy are Exercise , Proper  diet , adequate sleep and LOVE .

  Love plays a major role here .. this is the basic principle in succeeding into our health goals .

Because of Love we will try to respect and listen to our body. It is due to this respect that we are motivated to nourish both our body and mind ( through meditation )  

Love pushes us to honor our agreement with our health . This is manifested through our dedication towards our exercise goals .

Love radiates inward that would makes us feel better . Loves exudes outward as our confidence grow and our determination persevere . 

Love taught me and is teaching me lessons .

As Rumi said

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”


  Special thanks to my editor

Ms.Marelle Apas who patiently read every single word of my chaotic blog

My Family who helped me walked through the challenges of life and My Friends , my personal dolphins who listens with open soul.. forever grateful