There is this point in ourlives that we face with situations that we are not comfortable with . No matter how you would choose to look at it tackle it you will still end up being hurt.

There moments in ourlives that we are painted by the colors that does not describe the totally of us. It was a color that once came due to a situation. This becomes your color. No matter how many times you became a brighter shade. There will always be people that will remember you as a dark tone .

Months I have struggled , I wanted to prove them wrong , I wanted to unhurt myself by understanding the situation. But I can’t . So the cycle of being judge , feeling unsure circles around me.

Until that moment that I realized I know me better that anyone else . I am me , I am not perfect , I am a person that is embodied with different shades . I am colorful . I accept me and I love me …that is all that matters. I will wipe my tears look up to the sun …

I will shine because I am colorful … I am free .. I have learn and I am a beautiful imperfect soul .

The horizon is huge … I am free

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