We met people in different kinds  of circumstances . Some of them stays for awhile  and teaches us lessons  while some  stays a little bit longer  and become our friend , while others are just gift  from the universe for they are the ones we called SOULMATE

We walk in a path of  lessons  , of light that sparkle in a different directions.

  We met souls  with beautiful colors that sometimes  blends with us while other times  clashes that with the luminous   light that we are projecting .

  At times  we stumble a color  so unique  that our hearts are drawn to embrace the  keleidoscope  of its  shades . We love them with our hearts and trust them with ourlives .

Some of them treasure us like gold while others hold on to us like treasures ..  Different phases , different stages.

  But here is what I know .. when you find that light so precious as gold  who loves you without any if’s and respects your boundary with kindness , understanding with no prejudices .

  She your  safe haven on a stormy day , the sun behind the dark clouds and the wind in midst of a desert . She is fierce enough to correct with love and compassionately   listen to your pleas .

  She is the gift that universe gave.   She is your  friend , your soulmate  .

Path of light , path of respect .. friendship delights a soul .

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