Connection , friendship knows no distance .
A bouquet of flower was one of the many things that makes you happy

Dearest Ter,

How are you ? It has been more than 40 days since you left us . I miss you … I miss the chuckie talks when you would pushed me in a corner of admission. I miss your ” wow” comments even if my selfie were out of this world ..

You have been a part of my chitchats small or unrelevant talks during my breaks I miss that too. If I would enumerate all the little things that I missed from you I know a blog would not be enough.

Our last conversation you just said goodbye to me in a very subtle way . I tried to swayed you to wait for me … my way of asking you to fight a little bit longer . We know it was an uphill battle and you have won them all . You have survived the hardest storm of your life, and the time has come for you to rest . No more pain .. That is why even if our hearts are in pain we have gladly let you go . Worry not for everything will be taken care of .

A vow for a friend has been made.

About a week ago we had the most beautiful heartfelt party . It was both a celebration of our life and the friendships that we have made along the way.

Ter , I know you are smiling down at us … You are now our personal angel..

Bob , Totskie, Dangs, Randy( yes si capt humot🙃) and rest of the Moonwalkers89 misses your naughtiness and the energy that you shared every time we will have our activities .. Fly with us Ter as we will embark a new phase in our Journey .

Forever with us

Jennifer 1972-2022 forever ❤️

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