When love dies

In de dawn of the winter I met you. I was cold and hurt. You gave me warmth and mend my wounds . I was hesitant to hold your hands but you told me it is just okey.

I learned to trust you , hold you , the sun was rising again , flowers starts to grow. I saw spring and starts to love the songs that birds sang .

On one autumn day , I saw an image of you different from what I used to see. Your words cuts like a knife in my heart. Why ? I felt betrayed . I tried to hang on but in me I know something has changed , something has died .

I tried to heal , to revived … but it was just “I” .. “WE” does not exist anymore.

It’s time , to cut lose , to accept the hurt , betrayal has killed my love for you.

Goodbye .. summer will soon come into my life … as long as I have ME I will be okey

Learn let it flow … it will be okey

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