Smile and Happiness

“I owned my smile , I owned my happiness ” one of my many day to day mantra .

I smile even if the situation is very hurting and confusing for I believed behind the facade of this situation is a rainbow of lessons awaits me . Lessons that would hone me into a better version of me .

I smile even if tears are rolling down from my cheeks for I believed every sorrow that I have walked through will make me stronger .

Even if it will rain I will smile with grateful heart for I know behind that storm clouds awaits the sunshine of joy.

I will smile to lighten one’s soul , to give them encouragement that no matter what, it is going to be okey .

Choose to share your smile , choose to be happy no matter what , choose to be a better You

Choose to smile to lighten one’s soul . Choose your inner joy

Published by jee426

Life is a bowl of lessons to learn . It is a magnitude of colors that sparks the way you choose them to shine . I am a soul who have walked some rough path and learn from them . I am a being that accepts the challenges of life with a humble heart . Grateful for the lessons that I have learned through the years. Small victories that is all I need .. I hope to somehow to uplift my readers with the journeys that I have shared.

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