Happy Diwali everyone !!!

Diwali is one of the hindu festival that I love ..
  No I am not a Hindu . I  am a soul who believes in the harmony of  everything in the universe  with one  Almighty that holds the order 
I am a  kind of person who respects all beliefs  , gender  and political stand .

  Today starts the Diwali festival this symbolizes the victory of light from the darkness, good over evil ,  healing over illness and  Love over  Hate..

  May I wish everyone of you the Light of Goodness , Kindneas , Love and Good health radiatates in You

Published by jee426

Life is a bowl of lessons to learn . It is a magnitude of colors that sparks the way you choose them to shine . I am a soul who have walked some rough path and learn from them . I am a being that accepts the challenges of life with a humble heart . Grateful for the lessons that I have learned through the years. Small victories that is all I need .. I hope to somehow to uplift my readers with the journeys that I have shared.

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