Randall’s Cup

The boy who taught me what death is .

Seventeen years ago I lost my youngest brother due to pancreatitis . He was thirty years old and full of dreams.

His death came unexpected ,his death left a huge hole in my heart . A hole that I have learned to co-exist seventeen years after his gone . Each year stronger than myself I would relived the journey that I have been through , our the last conversations and the emotions.. Seventeen years , I still felt that I have come short as a sister and a friend .Seventeen years.. I still have the “maybe if …I could have .. ”

I have admired the friendship that he have built with his friends seven years after his death Christopher one of the homeboys continue the passion that they all have . He would organize a basketball tournament among group of friends .

This is their way of giving tribute to a friend , brother , playmate .. Every year around this time .. when I would normally shed tears Randall’s cup is born.

Randall’s cup is an ode for my brother .. this is a manisfestion on how he was loved by the people that surrounds him .

At this time of the year . I would look at the pictures of these basketball tournament with a smile in my heart … I would look up thr skies and imagine that He my angel , my benjamin , my brother , my friend is smiling down at us ..

He is gone but never be forgetten .. I will love him till I will see him again

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