Pulses of happiness

Happiness is a choice . It is being grateful on those little moments that matters most . It is the smile of the  young man eating his favorite chicken curry ( in his  taste pallet this is the most delicious chicken curry in the entire planet 🙂) Or knowing that the children that you have raised knows the  importance of Please, Thank you  and Sorry.

  It is that moment that your child walked into the aisle to recieved his highschool diploma. Or just simply having a good conversation with people that matters while enjoying the sunset .

  Happiness is cheap and most of the time it is free . It is at times overlooked by the shimmering things that this world offers .

Look inside you , smile , breath and choose to be happy no matter what the circumtances are .

Today is a better day than yesterday . Today is a day to be grateful for . Today we will find that pulse of joy in our heart



I will always choose to filled my heart with happiness, kindness and to be grateful of lessons that life gives me .


  1. POOJA KHOSLA Avatar

    Yeah i want to be happy.


    1. jee426 Avatar

      Happiness is how you choose him to be … I wish you happiness


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