She who carried you for nine months

She who gave you life

She is the safe haven when everything around you is in havoc

She is the confidant that you can count on . A person that will standby you no matter what .

She is a friend who would hold your hands without questions ask . She respects your choices and at the same time guides you through .

She is the wind under your wings . Let you soar and if life is sometimes hard she is there to catch you with her kind understanding words .

To the person who have perfected the meaning of multi -tasking . The person who have love us no matter what ….

Happy Mother’s day ..

M O T H E R .. She is the secret -keeper , the friend and the person who loves us most .

Published by jee426

Life is a bowl of lessons to learn . It is a magnitude of colors that sparks the way you choose them to shine . I am a soul who have walked some rough path and learn from them . I am a being that accepts the challenges of life with a humble heart . Grateful for the lessons that I have learned through the years. Small victories that is all I need .. I hope to somehow to uplift my readers with the journeys that I have shared.

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