I will always celebrate my friendship with you . Regardless of time ,distance and age I will always embrace our fond memories .

Growing up with you , shaping our beliefs was easy because you were there to listen and share your uncensored thoughts .

How miss our “stair conversations” at your house years ago with coffee in our hands .. How you describe our love and differences . In your own words

” There is this two souls that are facing a cliff in able to continue with their respective journeys they must jump over the cliff to see the other side . The carefree holds the hand of her friend and asked her if would like to just jump over the cliff with her . Her friend said Carefree one just go ahead and wait for me at the other side . Without any second thoughts the carefree soul took the leap over the cliff and made the most infectious giggle while the other one stands there calculating that what are the possibilities that might go wrong .” You look at me and said .. “I sometimes love your lust of adventure ” and I answered ” I wish that I have your ways in handling situations logically. “

I know you love hearing my craziness it is a given ..I want to believe I somehow colored your life as you have mine in every single ways .

Manay , I am always grateful for our friendship and for allowing me to come home in every adventure .

Our friendship is beyond words , distance and time ..This is the rock that holds my heart. I love you Manay ..

We both love this poem . For it describes our individuality and friendsip

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