Dearest BFF ,

I remember the day that our universe collided . That day , I know you will be a blessing in my life .

We have both shared the sunny and rainy seasons of ourlives . At times, when a storm approaches us we would tearfully sit still , listen and hold each others hand with respect .

That moment when I got stuck in a hurricane of emotions ..I love your non judgemental ways telling me to just go through the whole process . No matter how hard that was , I never felt alone for you were there . Thank you for walking with me through the Hurricane .

You will soon be 50 … You are an Amazing person it is when you think you are weak and vulnerable that I see your strength , your determination to fight on the battles that matters most to you . People that you have choosen to be your friend are lucky for you cared for them with space, love , understanding and respect. These are one of the many reasons that I fell in love with you and value our friendship soo much.

You and Me .. A friendship that I am lucky to have ❤ ( let us have a new duofie again)

Bff, may you ‘ ll be showered with victories in all the undertakings that you are facing. Just keep on moving , a step, a day at a time . Believe and it will happen ..

Happy birthday Olivia … I love you


  1. Darren Phillips Avatar
    Darren Phillips

    Bff thank you for all the wonderful memories. I love you


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