An Act of kindness

Not so long ago , I wanted to surprise a very good friend of mine with meal delivery by her favorite mediterranean restuarant .

I tried the link that her favorite resto had on its website but with no result. So, I dm the chef / restuarant owner herself . I have introduced myself and explained that I wanted to surprise a good friend of mine .

She gladly entertained my request until we have started discussing on the payment method, since the online delivery on her website doesn’t work in my region . We made a back and forth payment suggestion . Until the unexpected happened .

She suggested that instead of paying her I should donate my payment to a charity . I have suggested to her this small private group in the Philippines called the Moonwalkers89 who are having an ongoing ” Give a child a slipper ” campaign . She agreed and the rest is magical .

These were some of the creation of ms.Sanaa that she gave my friend

Yesterday , 100 less previlage children were given a decent footwear , steamed meatbun and orange juice snacks .

Allow me to expound a little bit about these slippers . For some us its just one of the many fashion footwear that we can wear . Here in the western world where we are previlage enough to have all kinds of season footwear.

In some areas in the Philippines or third world countries a slipper is a very important daily wear . Let me share to you a story told by a good friend and fellow Moonwalkers89 Ms.Felda a grade one teacher in Afga Central Elementary School of Agusan del Sur Philippines . A rural area where poverty is one of the socio -economic problem ( aside from illiteracy ).

Her story goes , She have recieved a newly donated cubies for her pupils and each box had a name of her respective pupil back then . One boy from her class asked her if he can put anything to his box . Ms. Felda answered ” Each one of you can place all the things that are valuable to you in your box” . The boy took his slipper off and place in his cubie.

Ms . Sanaa have not only made 100 children happy yesterday but she also made a mourning friend of mine smile through her food .

At the end of the day, its not how big or small the act of kindness that you are making . Just remember in every ripple of kindness that we shared in this world , we have brighten a yearning soul and that is all that matters .

Steam meatbuns and juice for the little ones
The Moonwalkers89
The excitement of to be able to choose their new pair of slippers
Nothing beats the joy of an excited child
100 different sizes of slippers good for children ages 4-10 yrs old
Proud owners
Maam Lore and one shy boy

To ms.Sanaa Abourezk thank you for sharing the magical moment to both my friend and the 100 children of brgy.Sumili Butuan city. To all your endevours we wish you good luck and my the greater force guide you and your family always

Note : you can check ms.Sanaa’s creation through here instragram Sanaacooks27 . Or her healthy vegan recipe book at amazon ..


  1. Darren Phillips Avatar
    Darren Phillips

    Wonderful people wonderful deeds! Keep up all the wonderful job.


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