Brave ,Beautiful and Different

  • “Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.” – Luna Lovegood ( Harry Potter Deathly Hallows )

Intoduction :

Last Sunday the 21st of March was Down Syndrome Day to honor this day and as part of the awareness campaign schools and all over social media encourages everyone to wear two different kinds of socks . This day is called “gekke sokken dag” or as translated in englisg crazy socks day . This is to symbolize that IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT .

Yesterday ( 23rd of March)

It was one of those working days but yesterday gave me some take away to ponder.

Alice my 5 years playmate ( I refer her as my playmate ) along with her sister Aude came to me running as I arrived at thier house . The girls wore two unpaired socks of course I know why…

Alice : Jeeee I am wearing two different socks because it is crazy socks day at my school and Aude too.

Me: ooooh that looks fun .. and do you know why you are wearing those socks ?

Alice : yes , because SOMETIMES IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT my teacher told us that .

Me : indeed .. that is nice Alice ..

She was about to wear her shoes .. then she stop mid-way look at me and said ” well if is is okey to be different why hide it with a pair of shoes?”

She stopped turn to me and said ” I should wear unpair of shoes too with that everyone will know that IT IS OKEY TO BE DIFFERENT ”

She then go on picked two different kinds of shoes

Reflection :

To a child its is just the way it should be …But to the society that we are existing we should always be reminded that everyone of us is unique .

We must learn to respect and honor our differences whether it is the physical attributes or emotional development.

We must never forget to EMBRACE THE UNIQUENESS IN US .


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Life is a bowl of lessons to learn . It is a magnitude of colors that sparks the way you choose them to shine . I am a soul who have walked some rough path and learn from them . I am a being that accepts the challenges of life with a humble heart . Grateful for the lessons that I have learned through the years. Small victories that is all I need .. I hope to somehow to uplift my readers with the journeys that I have shared.

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