You have captured my heart in many ways, you gave me both reason to frown and to smile. There are times that I just want to stop , to distance myself from all of these . I love and care too deep that it made me vulnerable . This scares me , for aside from my family, no one have ever penetrated my emotions this deep . Yes, Moonwalkers you are like little kryptonites that can weaken my superpowers .. So please be nice . ( I know the ” nice” definition moonwalkers way)

I see each one of you , connected in different levels , hear your voices , your whispers , your laughter and stories . At times , I will just close my eyes to not see things I shouldn’t have witnessed or play deaf so I hear no stories that is not intended for me.

Moonwalkers, you are full of complexity , but despite of this I would still take a bullet for you because I believe in our friendship , and vision . Your growth makes me proud never have I ever imagine that our vision and hope to touch lives especially those who needed most will become a reality. Hopefully we could continue to serve our community in our own little ways.

Core , I am nothing without you . You are in so many ways my confidant, adviser and cheerer when things gets tough . Your enthusiasm is my inspiration and the assuring nod when I am in doubt. Thank you !

On a fun note to end , Moonwalkers we will always be bullies till we are at our 80’s.. All the waiters in Butuan or elsewhere will be traumatize by our “dili mouli” attitude .. and bribe them with the last … super last order. And I hope when we will be at our 80s we will learn to talk and listen or can we minimize to not talk all at once?

I love you Moonwalkers and hoping to keep this fire of friendship burning. Forever proud Moonwalker.


Happy 1st Anniversary Moonwalkers

Published by jee426

Life is a bowl of lessons to learn . It is a magnitude of colors that sparks the way you choose them to shine . I am a soul who have walked some rough path and learn from them . I am a being that accepts the challenges of life with a humble heart . Grateful for the lessons that I have learned through the years. Small victories that is all I need .. I hope to somehow to uplift my readers with the journeys that I have shared.

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