Food for my soul (my DIY for life’s bumps ) 

Hi! I am Tink , mother,daughter ,sister , wife and a friend. I am no expert nor a writer. I am just Tink trying to hold my sanity in the midst of life’s  insanities . 

In these series of me trying to write .To share my nips and tucks when life is not working the way i  hope for . I hope some of these could make the burden of your soul lighter and make you smile a  little .

I love cooking .. this my therapy . Here , I start the FOOD for my Soul chrononicles .

10 yrs ago  suddenly lost someone very dear and special . My youngest brother.. The pain is unbearable and I felt like a part of me was taken away . Here was my way in surviving that agony .  

 Soup  for surviving the pain in Losing a Loved One. 

5  cups of  no question

2 cups of  humbleness 

3 -4 cups of conversations 

1.5 liters courage 

Seasoned it with tears and  love 
Procedure : 

– All things happen for a reason (as an old cliche says ) .  Just face the situation head on with No Question Asked.

– We cannot win against death . Humble ourselves down ,   no matter how good we are,  there are situations in life that is out of our control .

– Hold on ,talk to our loved ones .. its by sharing the pain of loss that makes everything bearable . 

-Pour a lot of Courage in facing that empty moments  . It will get better . 

– Cry till your Tears will dry down. When your ready get up face life with love. 

SERVED this SOUP  with Acceptance . We shall learn to smile again looking back at the memory of our loved ones 
Day by day it will be okey 


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